Sam Hartson

Samuel Hartson began his career in digital production in 2008, creating videos and story-driven content for He advanced beyond the web with his first short film, "The Coming Storm," and a year-long, weekly podcast. He followed these up with two feature-length documentaries, both premiered and distributed on DVD in the greater-Boston area. He then spent a period of time writing screenplays, experimenting with 3D video, and gaining an interest in news and journalism.

After moving to New York City, Sam restarted his career as an assistant editor at Public Record, then moving on to dvDepot where he became the staff editor and a consultant on chroma-key interviews. His career then exploded, as a production assistant, digital imaging technician, and editor on a wide range of television commercials, reality shows, and a feature film. 

After meeting Oliya, the two realized they shared an interest in journalism and videography, and after responding to a few incidents, they formed the Scootercaster brand.


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Professional Video Editor in New York

Sam is a professional editor creating story-driven, branded digital content for the web and broadcast. This is latest reel: Video Editor in New York Film editor in New York

Video Journalist / Stringer

Example of Video journalist / Stringer videos shot by Oliya and Sam SCOOTERCASTER in NYC. Join Scootercaster  YouTube channel to stay up to date! 

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